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Lemon & Lavender Bath Salts

Lemon & Lavender Bath Salts

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Our bath salts are handcrafted to offer a unique experience using essential oils and Epsom salts to soothe and unwind body & soul. The herbal tea blend inspired bath salts is excellent to help unwind and relax at the end of the day!

> Epsom salts help relieve muscle tension and pain, adding to many therapeutic benefits. A great product to use after a long day at work, school or intense workout, in order to regain energy.

> Himalayan Bath Salts are known to help blood circulation, unwind, help with muscle cramps, boost energy and so much more! Plus, they add the perfect color blend to this unique mix!

> Lavender essential oil to help relieve anxiety and stress, while lavender flowers bought locally, add natural fragrance to the bath.

> Lemon essential oil is used to freshen skin, cleanse//nourish the skin, improve mood and blends perfectly in the bath.

These essential oils blend exquisitely, to create a wonderful bath salt mix for a great bath experience !

> Écoderma offers sustainable and eco-friendly products by using high-quality glass jars for body butters & body scrubs. Jar can then be re-used for any purpose. Also, all of our products are free of animal cruelty & testing, since we ♥ animals !

> 100% Vegan & Natural, proudly handcrafted in Montreal, Canada.

Application: Scoop 2-3 table spoons, and generously poor into bath.

❤Paraben free
❤Phthalate free
❤Petrolatum free
❤100% cruelty-free
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