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Le Saphir esthétique

Ice roller

Ice roller

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Chill vibes only.

One of our favourite hangover hacks. The bloating from last night's wine-night-gone-overboard is REAL, and ice rolling does wonders for a puffy face. It helps constrict blood vessels and reduces the appearance of broken capillaries, and they're lifesavers for headaches (ahhh, cold).

Rolls out the bloat and cools puffy skin so you can get back to feeling & looking great

Firms skin and closes pores to tighten everything up

Stainless steel head is stays cold and clean

How to use

Store the roller in the fridge at all times, or place in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before use. Use medium pressure when gliding the roller from the center of the face outwards and upwards. Start on the neck and roll upwards towards the chin. Roll the device along the chin outwards and upwards towards the ears. Roll from the center of the face outwards and upwards towards the outer edges to depuff and brighten the under-eye area. On the forehead, roll the device upwards towards the hairline. Continue massaging for as long as you wish. Roll every morning and evening for best results.


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