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Lemon & Lavender Body Scrub

Lemon & Lavender Body Scrub

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Our body scrubs are handcrafted with organic sugar & coconut oil, to smooth and exfoliate the skin. Body scrubs can be used in showers, baths, at the beach or simply after a workout to detoxify and eliminate dead skin.

> Lemon essential oil is used to freshen & helps to decrease acne, while lavender essential oil is chosen to help unwind & relax the body and mind.

> One of many best-selling body scrubs, loved by our amazing users!

> Écoderma offers sustainable and eco-friendly products by using high-quality glass jars for body butters & body scrubs. Jar can then be re-used for any purpose. Also, all of our products are free of animal cruelty & testing, since we ♥ animals !

> 100% Vegan & Natural, proudly handcrafted in Montreal, Canada.

Application: Apply on skin or dry area and massage for 30 seconds - 2 minutes to eliminate dead skin & enjoy.

❤Paraben free
❤Phthalate free
❤Petrolatum free
❤100% cruelty-free
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